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Patients familiar with chiropractic care have high expectations, and understandably so. They know that chiropractors are highly capable medical professionals, and they seek the type of treatment representative of that. Here at Coral Gables Family Chiropractic, we are committed to delivering high-quality services to all our patients. When you visit our location in Coral Gables, you can expect to receive nothing less than top-notch chiropractic services. The services we offer can address a wide variety of troublesome health conditions. Check them out below and learn more about the different ways we help our patients.

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is a common complaint among many chiropractic patients. While some complain about lower back pain, others experience discomfort in the mid and upper back. No matter what back issues you are dealing with, you can count on us for help.

The first step in all back pain treatment plans we implement is a thorough examination. We conduct various tests and ask you important questions to determine the nature of your back injury. Once we have the information we need, we can propose different treatment plans. If multiple treatment options are available, you can select the plan you prefer. The back pain treatment we provide takes immediate effect. Schedule treatment as soon as possible with a chiropractor near you and experience instantaneous relief.

Neck Pain Treatment

Neck injuries require more care and expertise compared to other nagging issues. That’s mainly because of their location. The neck is a sensitive part of the body, and medical professionals must exercise more care while treating it. The neck pain treatment options we offer here at the clinic emphasize that careful approach.

We take all the necessary precautions when administering a spine adjustment to alleviate neck pain. We use targeted yet appropriate force to administer a spine adjustment around the neck area. That approach eliminates risk and maximizes the benefits for patients. Once again, you can expect immediate relief if you come to our clinic seeking relief from your neck injury.

Pediatric and Maternal Chiropractic Care

While chiropractic care is well known to be safe and effective for adults, many people don’t realize that the potential audience for chiropractic care goes beyond that.

While many restrictions are set on which treatments pregnant women can receive, chiropractic care is still allowed. You can continue receiving care from your chiropractor throughout your pregnancy. Doing so is even recommended as it helps you and your baby. Children can also benefit from regular visits to the chiropractor. Aside from treating nagging conditions, a chiropractor can ensure that a child’s development remains on track.

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